Making a Change2017 looks like it will be another strong growth year for Bach, James, Mansour & Company. For those of you who are already clients, we are honored to be your CPA firm. We also want to thank you for recommending your family, friends, and associates to the firm. If you’re not a client, it’s never too late!

We’ve welcomed a number of new tax preparation, audit, and accounting clients so far this year. While moving from software to CPA is pretty common as financial situations become more complex, changing CPA firms is a larger decision that involves more contemplation and planning. Telling your old CPA goodbye is not a decision that anyone takes lightly.

Price, Service, Quality — pick two!

Just kidding. At BJM, we’re continually listening to clients and seeking ways to improve all three of these factors by increasing the overall value of the services you receive. As part of this improvement process, I started asking our newest clients why they switched to BJM. Here are five main reasons they mentioned:

Gave up on tax software. As our business and personal finances become more complex, so do the software questions, procedures, and entries. These tools are built for the most common and basic situations, where BJM CPAs understand the details, nuances, and exceptions. BJM will keep things as simple as possible – at least for you.

Don’t have the time. Our lives are also becoming more complicated, eating up the time that we used to allocate for fun things like tax prep and financial management. The low-cost alternatives aren’t really low-cost anymore. BJM will always look for ways minimize your investment of both time and money.

Wanted more partner attention. As more independent firms like BJM get swallowed up by the big guys, clients often find that they are spending more time with staff and junior CPAs than partners. At BJM you work with a partner who gets to know you, reviews your documents, and returns your phone calls!

Outgrew their experience. Where a strip mall tax preparer or the average accountant may understand the basics, the BJM team is constantly monitoring updates to industry standards, learning about new accounting trends, and studying the ever-changing tax regulations. That’s almost a full-time job, but required to provide the best possible financial support.

Their CPA retired, or worse. BJM plans to keep serving clients for many years to come.

Your trusted financial partner

The best CPAs are more than just accountants and tax preparers – we’re independent and unbiased business advisors. Look to BJM as a source of business advice, a financial sounding board, the voice of reason, or a devil’s advocate. Even after your taxes are filed or audit is completed, keep us in mind as you make the tough financial decisions needed to run your business or your family. We’re here to help.

Neal Bach, CPA