Mina Bhagat

Mina Bhagat, Accountant and Bookkeeper

Mina began her career in international banking, where her experience with buying/selling of stocks/shares and foreign exchange transactions helped prepare her for a transition to accounting work. Those finance skills, as well as experience with taxes, have served Mina well in her current role in accounting and bookkeeping with Cross Accounting. Mina likes the diverse nature of her job at Cross Accounting and the client interaction.

A native of the United Kingdom, Mina completed her college education in Leicester. She moved to the US several years ago.

Mina and her family are still avid soccer fans, with half the family supporting Manchester United and the other half Manchester City. They split their Georgia college football rivalries as well with one son attending Georgia Tech and the other the University of Georgia. Mina loves to travel. When home, she enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, and art projects.