Individual Tax Preparation

Don’t let new tax laws leave you stuck in a rut

These days, there is so much complexity with federal and state tax code that preparing your own taxes can be a very complicated process. Even the simplest returns may miss valuable deductions that could save your money, or may overlook requirements that could cost you money in penalties and interest. There’s just no substitute for an experienced team of tax professional to handle you federal and state tax returns.

Taxes are our business year-round

Ever wonder what happens to the shopping tax prep company when they close shop April 16? What happens if you have questions – either your own or from the IRS – after tax season? Cross Accounting is here all year, making sense of constantly changing tax laws and providing full support for our clients whenever you need us.

Here are a few of many reasons our clients love working with us:

  • Experience. Before you trust a computer program or someone with a couple weeks of training, consider that the Cross Accounting team has years of experience preparing thousands of tax forms annually.
  • Expertise. We’ll explore a variety of options to minimize your tax liability, including opportunities for state and federal tax credits.
  • Custom plans. Would you prefer to pay a little each month? No problem! We’ll develop a plan that meets your unique needs.
  • Peace of mind. We’ll prepare your taxes and then stand behind our work. If the IRS or Georgia Department of Revenue has questions, we’ll make sure they get answers.
  • Extra advice. While we’re reviewing your income and other financial information, the Cross Accounting experts look for ways to reduce your future tax liability and keep more of your hard-earned income in your pocket.

Beyond Tax Returns

In addition to filing you tax returns, the Cross Accounting team can also help you plan for the future. Whether it’s making adjustments to be better prepared for next year’s tax filings, helping you set a family budget, or estate planning that maximizes the legacy you leave to your family, turn to Cross Accounting for expert advice and recommendations.

Contact us today to review your taxes

Whether it’s double checking your previous tax returns (we find a lot of mistakes!) or planning for next year’s tax filings, the team at Cross Accounting wants to help. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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