Financial Coaching

Cross Accounting will help ensure you outlive your money

It is never too early to start planning for your retirement. Since Cross Accounting does not sell financial or insurance products, we’re an excellent, unbiased resource to review your current plans, recommend enhancements, or design a new on based on your age, lifestyle, and retirement goals. You can take that information back to your insurance and financial advisors, or we’ll recommend the best resources to successfully execute your retirement plan.

Leave a financial legacy to your family, not the government

Estate planning can be extremely complex, so many people delay the process until it’s too late, costing your grieving family unnecessary time and money to sort things out. Cross Accounting understands that estate planning is not just what happens after you pass away, but how your wealth and other assets (like businesses) are organized and managed today. Have you reviewed and adjusted your estate plan after the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act? We’ll help you update your plan, so you can adjust wills and trusts accordingly.

Business coaching for every stage of your company lifecycle

Whether you’ve got a great new business idea and plan, you’re looking to expand through acquisition, or you’re ready to sell, the financial experts at Cross Accounting and our partner firms are ready to help. Successful business formation, M&A action, or sale requires substantial advanced tax and financial planning to maximize profits while minimizing tax liability. Understand your options before you start on the paperwork, and then we’ll make sure that the transaction documents correctly incorporate your personal and business needs.

Let’s get started!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Cross Accounting team member. We’ll help you prepare for your future, along with the future of your family and business.

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